Community Rules Edit

  1. Do not attack others for their opinions.
  2. Sharing opinions are okay, but do not spam a character page with the same related opinion/comment in different comment threads.
  3. Extremely opinionated comments may be omitted if they are violent or attacking others.
  4. No political or religious discussion.
  5. Please be mature when speaking to staff members and other individuals of the wikia community.
  6. For vandalization, see the VSTF wiki to report it. This is most likely faster than reporting to an admin, but you may contact local staff to deal with it.
  7. No advertising.
  8. Do not spam more than two comments in a row on a comment thread. This does not include replies but entirely new comments.
  9. Do not ask the staff to be an administrator or moderator.

Editing Rules Edit

  1. Do not create unnecessary pages that are not Tomstarter Toad related.
  2. Refrain from bias in the character pages.
  3. On character articles, use only official U.S character art that is confirmed to be that character. (no fan art.) 
  4.  On the character articles especially, put images ONLY in the character boxes using the box template. 
  5. Noting back to #3, do not edit an article to remove accurate information you may not like simply because it about your favorite character. 
  6. Unofficial images are allowed on (term) articles, animal articles and location pages.  
  7. Be sure you are making a neccessary page to the wiki when creating new pages. Contact a local staff member if you'd like confirmation.  
  8. If someone edits or undoes your edit with good reason, do not edit it back unless you'd like to personally talk to the opposing editor.  We'd like to avoid edit wars. 
  9. Please cite any new information regarding a character's appearance or trivia. Don't know how to cite? See below the page for information on citing. 
  10. Do not create any chapter pages until a book has been released. Also, do not create the chapter page unless you plan on writing it - this helps with organization.
  11. Do not add a character page to a book character category until the book has been released.
  12. Do not create new categories without alerting an admin or staffmember for approval.
  13. Do not plagiarize content from another wiki's page or copy-and-paste from a citation source.
  14. Contact an admin or have a community discussion before creating a new article.
  15. Do not create articles that already exist, like a character article. It WILL be deleted

Blog Guidelines Edit

  1. Do not create blogs about personal life stories unless there is reason, and an admin has given permission for it's creation.
  2. Other than exceptions as shown above, all blogs must relate to the Tomstarter Toad
    BLUER (1)
  3. Do not put more than 3 pictures in a blog, unless granted permission for by an admin.

Blog Commenting Rules Edit

  1. Be respectful towards others' opinions for what they write.
  2. Keep all comments relevant to the blog's original topic.
  3. Please refrain from commenting on blogs that are over one month old.