Fanfictions Edit

A fanfiction is defined as a broadly-defined term for fan labor regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. (Source:

  • This means that all articles regarding Toadstool must be in the form of a narrative. Any work otherwise will be removed, excluding songfics (fanfictions based on a song).
  • Short stories are allowed.
  • As the definition above also states, all credit for ideas is given to Dillan Schezfuld
  • Anything other than stories about the Toadstool (ex. other religions, stories with no mention of the toads) will be DELETED.
  • Any fanfictions with inappropriate content will be DELETED.
  • Any character articles will be DELETED.

Songfic Edit

A songfic, as stated above, is a fanfiction based on the lyrics of a song.

  • Any songfics about subjects other than the Toadstool will be DELETED.
  • Any songfics with inappropriate content will be DELETED.

Poems Edit

A poem must be based off of the Toadstool Toads, and if it doesn't contain names, must have an explanation somewhere in the article.

  • Any poems about subjects other than the Toadstool will be DELETED.
  • Any poems with inappropriate content will be DELETED.

Guides Edit

Guides are allowed here. They must contain tips on writing Toadstool fanfiction, or they will be DELETED.

'Crackfics' Edit

'Crackfics', or crack-fanfictions, do not belong on this wiki. Anything that doesn't seem realistic enough, (ex. Pyro gets 1'000'00 donuts) will be DELETED

Quizzes Edit

A quiz is defined as an examination consisting of a few short questions. (Source: However, they are not allowed here.

  • Any quizzes will be DELETED.

Fanfiction Talk Pages/Commenting Edit

Authors work hard on their stories. Please be sure to comment on a story.

  • No flaming, trolling, or vandalizing. If you do, you will be BANNED/WARNED.
  • Comments are meant to critique stories and tell what you like and dislike. No comments saying: "Write more pleaseeee!", "So good! Best story ever!", "Wow just perfect," or "LOL! XD".
  • Do not spam comments on stories.

For more information on proper commenting, look here[1].

Blogs Edit

Users are only allowed two blogs per month. Users exceeding this limit will receive a warning. If infractions continue, every offending blog will be deleted and the user will receive a two-day ban per blog.

Contests Edit

To begin a contest or to post a blog on the contest, a form must be submitted on this page and be approved by an admin. There are rules on contests on the this page.

Pictures Edit

Pictures are allowed on Toadstool Fanfiction Wiki.

  • Any inappropriate pictures will be DELETED.
  • Any pictures abusing copyright laws will be DELETED.
  • Work drawn by other users are considered their art and any art theft (stealing work by others without giving credit) that occurs will result in WARNING/BANNING.

Use Edit

Pictures are used all over the place on Toadstool Fanfiction Wiki. The following places are where pictures are allowed:

  • Article/article talk pages
  • User/user talk pages
  • Blogs

Communication Edit


  • See here.

Live! Chat Edit

Toadstool Fanfiction WIki chat is the Live! Chat box on the wikia. 

  • Chat Rules:
    • No Cussing. There are younger users around!
    • No Flooding (Repeating the same thing/spamming up the chat with gibberish)
    • Do not chat inappropriate things such as sexual things or things that could be offensive.
    • You must be active to be on chat, and have at least 1 mainstream edit per month.

User pages and User Talk pages Edit

User pages and user talk pages are places where you can personalize to be your own.

  • User page rules:
    • No inappropriate content
    • No giving out your address or phone number.
  • User talk page rules:
    • No inappropriate content. 
    • No personal attacks (See here for more information).
    • Please put ALL new messages at the BOTTOM of the page.
    • Leave your signature after ever message you make.

Signatures Edit

Signatures have the ability to be personalized.

  • Include a link to your talk page.