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    Know the NOT Policy, for it is the Toad Star that looks down on us all and shows us how to be a good Wikian. It doesn't hurt to know the rest of the Policies, too.
  2. Respect everyone, from the most active Administrator to the newest Newbie. Personal attacks and harassment are not tolerated on any part of this wiki, from talk page to chatroom.
  3. Leave the affairs of other Wikis with those other Wikis. Toad Fanon is for Toad Fanon. If you're here to talk to someone about another Wiki, we recommend you don't.
  4. Contribute. If you do not provide for the Wiki, the wiki will not provide for you. If you're just here to chatter, you don't belong here. The encylopedia is the heart of this website, if it isn't your purpose, you need to find yourself somewhere else to play. If you don't find it on your own, you'll be exiled as a useless toad.
  5. Stealing is wrong. If you don't own an image, don't upload it. If you have permission to post someone else's image you must be able to include a link on the image place to the location where that image was released into the Creative Commons by the creator.