These are the rules. They are set in stone. Follow them. Or you will be banned.


  1. Each user can have the following: 1 Clan Leader, 2 Deputies, 2 Medicine Cats, 10 Apprentices, 25 Warriors and 5 Queens (With Kits) across ALL the Clans.
  2. Respect the other users, fighting will not be tolerated, it can result in bans.
  3. Mild swearing is ok, but strong language will result in bans.
  4. Don't edit the Clan pages, they are for the Clan leader to sort out.
  5. Ask the Clan leader before you join a Clan.
  6. Don't age cats early, eg: turn an apprentice into a warrior a few days after his apprentice ceremony.
  7. Don't be unfair, make you actions with other people agreeing.

Want To Suggest A Rule...Edit

comment below!

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