These are the rules. They are set in stone. Follow them. Or you will be banned.


  1. Each user MUST be a Shawn Mendes fan. You must pass a quiz which you cannot exit out of until you complete it. If you get anything less that 7/10, you won't be able to access the wiki.
  2. Respect other Shawn Mendes fans.If you don't agree on something, don't argue. The result will get both of you getting a warning, and if you continue to argue, you'll both be banned.
  3. Please no bad language, unless it's in Shawn Mendes lyrics
  4. When you create a wiki page, you MUST include a picture of Shawn Mendes and after the stuff on the page you must sign ~(your name) member of the Mendes army. Your article will be deleted if you don't do so.
  5. Please ASK Piggy before editing a wiki page. Fixing a typo is OK, but anything else like changing things, adding pictures, etc. will get you a warning. If you do it a second time, you WILL be banned.
  6. If you say anything bad about Shawn Mendes, (even as a joke,) you WILL be banned.
  7. Please don't mess with the rankings. Piggy and other admins will rank you higher if you help with wiki ideas, pages, and more. If you are high enough in the rankings, you may be an admin.
  8. Please don't talk about off-topic things, like other celebrities. You may mention other celebrities if they have anything to do with Shawn Mendes. If any of your articles are off-topic, they will be deleted.
  9. It would be best asking Piggy if you want to create an article. Spam articles are not acceptable and we will delete the page as well as give you a warning. DO NOT create useless spam articles. If you continue to create spam articles,you will be banned. If you want to post an article with only pictures, don't do so. Upload images in the gallery
  10. Please don't delete anything in the gallery unless it has nothing to do with Shawn Mendes
  11. PLEASE do not upload any photos that aren't Shawn Mendes related.

Want To Suggest A Rule...Edit

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