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  • Leader: Fawny
  • Deputy:
  • Senior Warriors:
  • Warriors:
  • Apprentices:

Project NewsEdit

  • 14-09-2011: The project is created!

Rules and RequirementsEdit

The requirements for a nomination are as follows:

  • Character should be roleplayed often and have good history.
  • Article should have a complete family section with references
  • Article should have at least one character image and a template.
  • Article should have one additional section or a real image.

In the second half of the month, you are able nominate an article to be featured if you are a project member. Please make sure it meets the requirements above. At the beginning of a month, a poll will be set up with the articles nominated that meet the requirements. In the middle of the month, the poll will be ended and the featured article put up on the front page. Then the process repeats itself.

Only project leads can edit the archive, put up a poll, or add the featured article to the front page. Anyone else who does these will be talked to. All approved members of the project can nominate an article. You can ask to join the project on the discussion page. If you want to make any changes to the way the project works, please start a section at the bottom of the discussion page (this goes for project leads as well).

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