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Shawn Mendes Merch is available at

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    Fat pig terrier pee
  • The 7 highest ranking members of the Mendes Warriors fandom club got chosen to roleplay the available cats. More cats will be available On May 1, 2018. To make it fair, you may enter an auction for a part you want. The winner will be chosen at random.
  • Please roleplay the cat you got like it's original self. there will be a PDF on what that cat is like. If you do not your cat will be given to some other member.
  • PLEASE no mary sue events unless the cat you were given is a mary sue.
Name Character #1 Character #2 Character #3 Character #4
Piggy Luigitail Marioface Baconpaw Barfkit
Mendesfan Pigfawn Poop in the Clouds Affystar
Sunbutterjelly78 Rainbowstripe Hedgeass Mongifoot Liontwerk
XxSexytheterrierpigXx Yoshihead Metaterranianpaw Beautyfur Craphettle
Kettlepop22883 Cornfoot Sand Dust
Ghetto Pigo Hell Red Assdust
Shawnymendes Turdkit