WEIRD Titles Edit

Hello guys, Jingles here. This is my new WTF page where i roast pictures and videos by London & Colby.  First of all, i was browsing through some pictures on this computer. I searched my names in the files and i stumbled across a photo titled "Jingles is gay with shawn mendes." I was like, what the actual F*ck? i opened the file and it was a picture of Colby eating shave ice. Clickbait. I wasn't surprised. I laughed. London must have titled it that. I would show you the photo, but this web creator is trash. 0_0. I went to the maui day 5 folder and saw other clickbait photos like the one before with London & Colby in Maui. Some of these include "A fan posted a picture of toad's underwear on insta," "Colby marking his turf with poop at Maui beach," "Colby splashing in dog pee," "Colby stepped in liquid dog poop," "i peed my anuspooper," "Tom the toad leaked nudes on insta

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gram," "I had it with a piece of poo",  "leaked jingles butt," (rlly) and many more like that. WHY??