History Edit

Luigitail was born as a rouge. Formally known as Luigi, He came to the clans after his mother abandoned him. The cats of WaveClan didn't trust him at first and though he wasn't a cat since he was green. Luigi proved them wrong and saved them from a dog attack and killed all the dogs. Kestrelstar then accepted Luigi into the clan and called him Luigipaw, giving him Rainsong as a mentor. the cats soon discovered that Luigipaw has the power to barf chocolate eggs, making him a great defense. Many clans try to capture him, but they never succeed. Soon Luigipaw became Luigitail, and is friends with the mustard that lives under his moss bed and love splaying with seals. Luigitail once saved Rosepaw from a coma by performing CPR and barfing chocolate egg in her mouth.